Youtube Is Deleting Thumbnail Images Of Videos That Suggest Bestiality

Within all the problems that YouTube has and that have led to delete millions of videos so far this year, a new one is added: suggestive images in the thumbnails (save thumbnail image) of the videos.

A report by BuzzFeed indicates that there are accounts that are dedicated to upload videos whose miniatures are images of sexual acts with animals; In particular, these photos are seen when searching for videos under the phrase “A girl and his horse”.

It should be mentioned that the content of the videos is not explicitly sexual, but it is only about the miniature images, some of them put there intentionally in order to obtain more reproductions. When asked about it, on YouTube they recognized the situation and explained that it is Cambodia’s farm channels, which upload the videos as a form of promotion.

The problem is that the algorithm to review the miniatures is not as sophisticated or exhaustive in the searches as the system that is dedicated to reviewing the videos themselves. Therefore, these images may be more difficult to detect since “they do not necessarily have the same characteristics as common pornography”.

In recent months YouTube has not gone through its best season. Since Logan Paul uploaded a video showing a corpse hanging from a tree, the video hosting platform  has had to scrutinize each one of the materials that are uploaded and as a result, millions of videos have been given. Low.

The new layout of YouTube is to remove the thumbnail images (save thumbnail image) of the videos suggesting zoophilia,  a tactic that Cambodian farms found to get more reproductions of their videos,  however, the company did not like it a bit.

According to information from Buzzfeed, Youtube detected accounts that are devoted to rise misleading thumbnails, especially when in the search box you type “A girl and his horse”, and although the videos that feature images inciting bestiality show no sexual content,  if infringe the rule of the platform that prohibits the publication of images that do not match the content of the video,  this in order to get more reproductions.

But even with the above, those thumbnail images (save thumbnail image) should not be on YouTube, according to the company itself:

We have very strict policies against deceptive miniatures and the content that goes against those policies has already been removed. We are working quickly to attack the abuse on our platform and that includes developing better tools to detect deceptive and inappropriate metadata and thumbnails.

While the content in question is more suggestive than explicit, it is curious that many times YouTube has removed or blocked content for things much less complicated than this.

Definitely 2018 is being YouTube year.