Why Do People Not Keep Up Their Heavy Bag Training?

As you browse the Internet, you’ll find many articles that praise the benefits of family Taekwondo exercise. It is highly recommended to place this Taekwondo (Boxing Certification) in a heavy bag, because the resistance of the bag will make your body tone and strengthen. However, when you read the practitioner’s own story, you will find that although many people know that a heavy bag is a great sport, in the long run, few people will succeed. It is very difficult to exercise at home in a heavy suitcase, and this is not the obvious reason, it is a difficult exercise. There is a more important reason why most people who try to get a heavy Taekwondo plan fail; in fact, this is the reason for the following elements:

  1. I don’t know what to do when turning. Should I fight? Should I kick? How much is the jab? A hook? a line? what? Did I do too much of the same thing?
  2. No valid or interesting combination can be found. If all you have to do is bypass the baggage and shoot a shot, then a shot/a cross, then kick from time to time, you will feel bored, and fast! You can stay there for a week, two, three or four, but in the long run, you may be doomed to fail.
  1. Put in energy to decide what to throw away, not practice. When you have to know what you are going to do, you are not only exhausted, but what will happen in the next round? And the next round? Then turn? and then? Can you imagine the mental fatigue you will feel after receiving this training? This is exhausting, causing people to lose interest and eventually give up.
  1. Do the same thing over and over again. This is what usually happens: it shows a person 15 things to do and tells him to work in the bag. The next time you do this, you only remember 10. Then you only remember the next training. Soon, you will find yourself doing the same thing over and over again, and eventually your exercise habits will impress you. I am completely tired of the same few skills and combinations, old and tired, and he realizes that his daily life has not stopped.

Driving in a regulated system and program instead of using heavy luggage is like using an exercise bike instead of using a rotating class.Sports bikes can be boring, and sports cars that have already been purchased are rarely used more than a dozen times. He sat there and occupied the space at home. Intentions always start again, usually “tomorrow,” but such honest intentions will never materialize. But from the rotating course I have heard (I have never participated in it), they are exciting and interesting (hard to believe). This is because the instructor has taken such boring and monotonous things, as well as the injection of life, power, music and change. If a person can take part in a spinning class at home, she can use her bicycle more often. Train the “system” in a heavy bag to bring this “course” directly into a heavy bag. The “course” is pre-programmed for you. Everything is thinking. It is always different. There are always a variety of things. You will never fall into the routine or boredom. The difference is day and night. Create your own system or purchase a system that has already been written to ensure:

  • Use a circular timer.
  • Take a break for one round, once per turn.

When all the combinations you have done during training are written in advance, your training will be better than “flying” each time you approach the bag. You must be able to exercise physically “in the moment.” If you have to constantly think about throwing things in the bag, your mind is still stuck, your mental exhaustion, at the end of the training, you will not release all the anxiety and stress, you will still insist to a large extent, Because he is not released himself, he only pays attention to physical movement.

I think the previous tips are more important for heavy beginners than the intermediate or advanced level, so if you are an experienced practitioner, don’t feel condescending, this article is really not for you. However, if you are just starting to participate in the Taekwondo (Boxing Certification) training program, especially if your main goal is to use Taekwondo as an exercise program at home, then you will find it hard to find better advice.