Where To Buy Best 18650 Battery?

It is essential to buy your batteries in a trusted store or website, as many copies circulate everywhere. Clones more or less easy to identify, but we never know the real characteristics, except that they are always inferior to the original.

No brand sells directly to a retailer whose sales volumes are far too low. If a merchant claims to supply directly to the manufacturer, run away. The certainty of selling an original battery is therefore all along the supply chain, the seriousness of each link is the only guarantee not to end up with a clone.

For further Read…

The theme of batteries is vast, we devoted a series of articles to him to go around the question.

  • Beyond the choice of a battery (best 18650 battery) reference, there are brands to recommend and others to avoid. We have drawn a picture of a shared market between manufacturers and ” wrappers ” to know which brand to choose.
  • As simple as it is, reloading the batteries should not be done anyhow and deserved a dedicated article to do so effectively and safely.
  • Buy the right battery is good, but keep it for a long time, it’s even better! So we have put together a complete tutorial to extend the life of its batteries.
  • However, a battery (best 18650 battery) will always lose performance, suffer a shock or a hitch on its protective plastic. It remains to be seen when to replace a battery and how to get rid of it.
  • For those who want to know more, the article on the essential characteristics of batteries explains everything about what is really the capacity and maximum discharge current of batteries, and how they are determined.
  • And if you want to understand everything to optimize the choice and use of your batteries, the article on the technical characteristics of batteries deepens the concepts of internal resistance, volt sag, nominal voltage and details the different chemistries.
  • Finally, if you think that the serial / parallel configuration of the batteries or the resistance of the assembly has any importance on the autonomy or the intensity drawn on the batteries in an electronic box, the article on the choice of batteries in an electronic box is for you.
  • And a little apart, an article about the explosions of electronic cigarette batteries . The media feast, we know that they are extremely rare, it was important to take stock of this explosive subject to understand it, and especially to prevent it from happening to you.

Do not forget !

  • Never use a battery (best 18650 battery) beyond its characteristics, for its longevity as well as for your safety.
  • Always carry his batteries in a suitable protection, the majority of the rare accidents is related to a transport of bare batteries.
  • Only use batteries in perfect condition, without scratches or impacts.
  • A battery does not throw itself, it is deposited in a specific recycling box.