The Control Illusion In A Casino Game

The underlining of a successful game is therefore not only a recognition for the player, but also and primarily a tactic of the manufacturer to suggest to the player a more frequent winning เว็บแทงบอล frequency.

As a last point, the targeted control illusion can be mentioned as a measure of the vending machine manufacturers. By actively involving the players in the game sequence by pressing the start or the risk key, the player is suggested to influence the course of the game. As a result, players are blamed for losses in themselves and their lack of skills. It gives players the feeling of being able to improve their chances of winning through practice เว็บแทงบอล, which in reality is not the case with machines because they are random games. This is different in sports betting, for example, where you can actually see a difference in the earnings prospects between experienced, well-informed bettors and newbies. (Meyer / Bachmann 2011: Gambling addiction)

The charm of the slot machine

So there are many different reasons why people play – the thrill, the prospect of winning, the fading out of everyday life. All these factors are also known to the manufacturers and developers of the machines. And through targeted strengthening they use them.

On the one hand, of course, this is tactic to continue to pull the players money from the bag. On the other hand, it also makes fun when the automaton almost beats a somersault on a win and thus increases their own enjoyment. Either way, if you think you have your game under control at any point in time, players will be upset.

Tactics of the manufacturer- เว็บแทงบอล

Of course, these findings are not only game scientists, but also the manufacturers of gaming machines. And they try to reinforce them specifically by certain features of the machines.

To increase the agitation state of the player, the rounds are very short in slot machines. That is, every few seconds starts a new game. As a result, losses are quickly forgotten and a new thrill takes the place of despondency. (Turner 2008: Games, Gambling, and Gambling Problems)

The meaning of the short game interval becomes clear when compared to the Lotto 6aus49. There are only 2 rounds per week here. Shortly before the announcement of the numbers, the state of arousal occurs and then disappears directly for a few days. In slot machines, the break between games is considerably shorter, so the state of arousal can be saved even during the break.

The payout interval also has to do with time. In slot machines, the time between winning and paying out the money is very close to each other. In the game library, the payment is even immediate. And even when playing in the internet casinos เว็บแทงบอล you get your profit immediately credited. It does not matter whether the money is real in the bank account or in the wallet, but whether the profit is available as a stake for further games. The manufacturers and operators of slot machines are so keen to animate their customers, so the players, by immediate profit distribution to continue playing. (Zangeneh ea 2008: In The Pursuit Of Winning)