Overseas Call Centers Need To Reform Themselves

Human behavior on technology has evolved

The logic of optimizing resources is a strategy for many companies to implement automation systems, increase productivity and manage costs. Unlike humans, artificial intelligence call center can operate without interruption. Artificial intelligence call center provide consistent delivery services and can reproduce the same performance over time.

Artificial intelligence is destroying some industries such as the financial industry, media, retail, and food. The following list includes business processes and IT outsourcing for call center outsourcing. We can adapt to start and blend technology and technology, but the pioneer may be better than our competitors.

It is true that a competent workforce is in a strong position in the economy that fully exploits artificial intelligence as a leverage of growth. These skilled workers can achieve achievement levels so far by broadening the scope of their influence.

Disabled workers are suffering from the economic pressure of this revolution. All repetitive tasks on the computer are dangerous.

Outsourcing and offshore outsourcing industry

Traditionally, the benefits of outsourcing and offshore outsourcing have been achieved primarily through cost savings. Sitting on the same computer and keeping the same level of quality Why are foreign employees spending more on expensive local staff sitting on the computer when such activities are performed at significantly lower prices?

In AI’s entire world, this idea was entirely logical. But what if I could change a computer to the same task without a human operator? Saving is a tremendous business decision, but the destruction of labor is controversial. We are little by little, but I think that humans always have a place of value creation. It is the responsibility of decision makers and managers to predict the future of artificial intelligence call centers.

Overseas operators based in India, the Philippines, Mauritius, Madagascar, Morocco and others are paying great attention to the competitiveness of their services and are entering into contracts and facing this mid-term outage.

Digital genius case study 1

See the DigitalGenius startup case, which helps companies automate basic textual problems, respond to customer conversations, and create highly responsive robots using natural language processing and machine learning. Create a human model to provide fast and easy service, friendly,

Hi Pegg – Case Study 2

HelloPegg Provides customers with accounting robots that facilitate cost management. This artificial intelligence solution was developed by the international Sage group. The Accounting bot is integrated into your Facebook Messenger. So bots can always be used to meet your needs.

Bank SEB – Case Study 3

In October 2016, Swedish Bank SEB used Bot Amelia to manage customer service. This artificial intelligence was developed by IPsoft, and IPsoft is defined as a “digital production company”. Amelia manages strategic consultants for technical support services, contact centers, procurement process field technicians.

The bank is pleased with Amelia’s performance and plans to absorb the expertise of IPsoft staff to support AI. The goal is to monitor and monitor these new ways of using this technology for customer service.

If you are like a bank SEB, it’s not hard to imagine a call center to speed up the maintenance of artificial intelligence by reducing operating costs associated with maintenance.


Overseas operators need to think about artificial intelligence call center. This is the first short-term reflection. In addition, modern outsourcing companies that combine artificial intelligence and human technology can imagine that they can provide services that take advantage of the strengths of these hybrid workers.

In addition, this speech reassures employees that change can be considered a threat to their work. This worker must be updated to face future changes in the industry.