Learn 4 Important Tips About Puppies And Develop Healthy Dogs

You have a new puppy, or you have a puppy, what excitement! Here are some important tips for puppies that can help you develop healthy and happy dogs:

#1 Dental Care No. 1:

We all know the bad breath of dogs. When we decided to buy a new puppy or dog, dental pet supplies were not our idea, but it should be. Believe me, this is one of the things you want to have. In fact, there are several solutions for dog dental care:

Greenies Dental Chews: Provides your pet with a practical and delicious oral care option that helps boost dog’s breathing, control tartar and prevent plaque buildup.

Biotene Veterinarian Oral Maintenance Gel: A practical gel that is brush-free and contains enzymes that promote the health of your pet’s mouth.

Petrodex toothbrush: gently and effectively removes plaque and food debris while massaging the gums to increase blood circulation. Ideal for puppies, easy to use, safe dishwasher.

The sooner you introduce your puppy to dental hygiene, the better. Puppies will be more open and will become less resilient in later life. In addition, you will avoid more serious oral problems such as gum disease.

#2 Toys for your age:

Dog toys are usually one of the first purchases of new owners, but most people choose the wrong puppy type. Puppies follow a teething process similar to humans. Therefore, you must buy toys that draw their attention and soothe them. Ask yourself some questions before buying, you won’t go wrong:

  • Is the toy durable? Make sure the toy is durable and not easily broken into small pieces that can pose a choking hazard. Yes, of course, you must chew dog toys. Will their duration exceed 10 minutes?
  • Does it catch the attention of my puppy? Puppies have different preferences. It is important that your puppy is interested in your toy or may bite your furniture, or worse, your shoes!
  • Can it be frozen? It sounds a bit strange, but a cold will help your puppy stay calm during the teething process, so if you find a toy that can freeze it, this is a benefit
  • I recommend buying some cheap rope toys. They can be soaked in water or even soaked in chicken/broth to increase the puppy’s interest for a while. Be sure to pay attention to the game time to make sure the puppy does not eat loose ropes.

#3 Before bedtime

For the first time, many pet owners have no plans to know where the puppy sleeps. It is best to consider this and plan before taking the puppy home. This is especially important if you have children. Puppies need consistency, and all family members need to understand sleep plans. Personally, I recommend placing the puppy in the kitchen or another room without a carpet, as this can lead to many accidents. Cleaning and eliminating odors is the easiest way. Be sure to choose the part you choose. If you decide to put the puppy in a cage, you must go out a few times outside to make sure he doesn’t have to urinate in the cage. Because of these regular night walks, kennels usually get faster results through training. After going to the bathroom, going to bed is not important.

#4 Socializing

Puppies are essential in many situations, be it humans or other animals. So dog walking Chelsea is a good habit. This will give the puppy confidence and give him the opportunity to attend an informal training course:

  • Candy in your pocket: Reward your puppy when he greets one person or another correctly.
  • Schedule the match! The date of the game with animals near you may seem a bit silly, but it is actually one of the best things you can do. Let the dogs near you become a bond and become a bag, meaning they will take care of each other and will scream less in the middle of the night. Your dog is also familiar with neighbors and their daily habits.
  • Doggy Day Care: Leave your dog in the wellness center for a few hours a week.
  • Being a new owner of a pet is exciting. Using the above tips and products for the bad breath dog products, the age of the toy, such as chicken soup soaking rope (YUM!), consistent bedtime and a lot of socialization, can make your pet experience more enjoyable.