How To Plan The Best Destination Wedding?

A beach, a magical town, a colonial city or a place with an incredible atmosphere are great scenarios for your wedding. A private beach, a magical town or a place in the middle of nature can be authentic paradises to put an engagement ring in their lives. But also the setting of a special wedding. In the photo albums of destination weddings couples with happy faces always appear when they hear their thoughts of love , promised with their modern wedding dresses and guests having a great time. If you would like to experience this experience, read this practical guide carefully.

What is a destination wedding?

A destination wedding is one in which two couples decide to get married in a different place to where they and most of their guests live . This type of links imply a displacement for both them and their guests. The destinations (dominican republic wedding venues)chosen are usually spaces with great architectural, historical or natural beauty, either in their country of origin or abroad.

The celebration usually lasts two to four days, according to the desire, the budget and the availability of time of the couple. Generally, as a reception to the guests, there is usually a party or a meeting on the eve of the link and a post-wedding reception. If there will be a double ceremony, it is often decided to celebrate civil and religious marriage on the same day to optimize times, although this is not always the case.

Getting married is a dream! And a great part of the enjoyment of this awaited event is in the planning. See options, choose between the different ornamental elements, harmonize the main colors , find the best suppliers and, the main thing, the place where all these elements will take place. A living room, hacienda or abroad? And, among all these options, one of the most tempting: make your wedding outside the city where you live!

If you like adventure and exotic places or just want to take advantage of your wedding to travel and get married elsewhere, we give you these tips to make planning your event easier.

1. Create the guest list with the most important and close ones

A wedding in a destination (dominican republic wedding venues) outside the city where you live is a luxury that involves an additional expense and preparations. Therefore you have to be very careful when choosing the guests . It is advisable to have the closest friends and relatives in a cozy bridal ceremony, to make a great event in which you find yourself with not so significant faces. In addition, the least close of your boyfriend and yours may think twice before attending your event outside the city.

2. Choose an easily accessible destination. This includes flights and hotel availability.

Facilitating things for the guests so that they can attend your event, also means facilitating them to you. If you are looking for hotel and flight options that can satisfy the demand of the friends and family you want to invite to your celebration, you will not have any worry that they will struggle to arrive and they can all enjoy together at your wedding.

3. Hire a wedding coordinator.

This will greatly lighten the extra workload involved in planning your wedding in another destination (dominican republic wedding venues) and you will always have someone with whom to bounce ideas and reassure you when doubts or complications arise. The coordinators of weddings have two advantages are engaged in this, they are professionals, so you know what to do and how to do it and, second advantage: it is not they who marry, so they have over other responsibilities and thoughts that a bride about to marry could have; so you can be sure that you will always have someone in them to entrust the logistics of your wedding.

4. Create a wedding page or group on Facebook to maintain direct contact with your guests.

Information, updating and communication are key on this occasion. The places, hotels, prices, schedules can change and your guests have to know. Before, this was somewhat complicated, but now you have the advantage that most people have access to social networks almost at all times, so to report any change or novelty, is as simple as typing and clicking to publish.

5. Select the wedding date considering weekends, weekends, holidays, and high season vacations.

To finish, consider that we all have occupations, commitments and activities that require our presence. So it would be very thoughtful of you to plan your wedding for a weekend or bridge in which surely all your guests are free and can thus accompany you without worrying about the time or the rush to arrive or return. And ready, with these 5 tips the planning and organization of your wedding in another destination (dominican republic wedding venues) will be much simpler and you can enjoy it as if it were a vacation.