Cheap SEO Service For 99 Euros?

I stick to it: For 99 euros a month you can in my opinion deliver no serious Cheap SEO services. Simply because as an agency you can only work for an hour a month at the most – and SEO takes more time. The tragic thing about it: Many small business owners and startups have no more than a few hundred euros for SEO monthly available. I probably already hundreds of discussions with good and motivated customers led, but unfortunately not the necessary minimum budget (with us: 2,000 euros) had. Unfortunately, when I started SEO almost ten years ago, there was no big alternative to these people except “Learn it yourself.” That’s what I told them:

“Hire somebody on a $ 400 basis, get it turned on in SEO, and then let him / her do it yourself, so you can make sure someone works for your buck, and the output is probably better than it is at the low-price agencies. ”

Nowadays there are also many great tools like that are even free for small sites. Especially with the navigator you can achieve a lot by yourself, because it gives you step-by-step what to do.

My opinion is: SEO must have its price. Not because we are such great stallions (and mares) and want to earn so much. But because you have to count as a self-employed person or as an agency with hourly rates of at least 80 euros. An hour a month does not bring much anyway. The result is that nothing is done at all and the Cheap SEO services are automated as much as possible. At 99 euros per month, it can happen that someone presses once a month on a button, whereupon the customer gets a report, maybe a few links from (in-house) web catalogs and that’s it.

If you do not have the necessary change, you should look for someone within the company (or yourself), register with and do it yourself. What costs nothing, is usually just not synonymous unfortunately. If you could really bring every page upwards with 99 Euro investment per month, then there would be many more millionaires in Germany.

How much does SEO cost? Hourly rates for SEO:

Here, of course, a lot of mischief is written, which is why I once got the  fee guideline of iBusiness  , in which more than 300 agencies and service providers have participated. Usual hourly rates for SEO are 75 to 150 eurosper hour. Of course, there are ups and downs, but that’s what one pays on SEO agencies and freelancers on average. In most cases, there is also a minimum budget per month that, depending on the amount of time spent, comes to, for example, 2000 € or even 4000 € per month. A good but Cheap SEO services provider advises you in advance, with a lot of monthly budget on average which Cheap SEO services can be provided. Generally, you should pay for what you are ready for. It can not be said that a good agency is also expensive or vice versa. However, I would never take the cheapest offer in SEO, because it can quickly break a lot.

Good questions to the future SEO agency

Below I have some good questions for your future affordable SEO agency.

  • How many customers are looked after per employee? For some agencies, one employee works for up to 50 customers – an impossible number, in my opinion.
  • Are you following the Google Guidelines for Webmasters ? If you want to play it safe, pay attention to how the agency reacts.
  • When operating your link building: W he operates your link building exactly? I know my opinion about link building . Who wants it, should note: As soon as any sophisticated “systems” or pyramids is mentioned. let my opinion in the fingers!
  • What sets you apart from others? Here the agency should score. Incidentally, I ask this question to almost every company I work with. You can tell well if someone loves his job or just because of the money.
  • What achievements can you guarantee? Funny enough, the answer should be different than expected. A good agency does not guarantee success. We (agencies) optimize websites as much as possible for Google, but ultimately have no influence on them. Any guarantee of success – especially on the phone – is to be treated with extreme caution. In my opinion, it is often said: “The more promised, the less adhered to.”
  • Who is my contact person, how are you to reach? A good agency should be available (at normal office hours) at all times.
  • How do you measure the success? Some agencies have – practically self-invented – indices that they count on to succeed. Of course, as the Meritocracy score keeps growing, you’re happy. Joking aside, success is measured firstly by the number of visitors who come to Google through the site, and secondly (more importantly!) By the revenue these visitors make.