Boiler Servicing Procedure

What is boiler service and what is involved?

For many companies, the boiler maintenance procedures are very different. For some people, there is no name, just insert the probe of the flue gas analyzer into the chimney and print the reading. If they are in a limit state, repair the boiler. For me, the boiler installer is not a boiler service, just a control of combustion and not anything else.

The boiler maintenance program I use is a bit the same.

Arrive at the hotel at the agreed time; if you are late, please contact the customer to get to know the situation, nothing is worse than waiting for someone to arrive. After arriving at the hotel, introduce yourself, show the gas safety identification card to the customer, and explain how to view the card details. This will assure your customers that you are a certified professional gas safety engineer. Now that the card has failed, politely ask the customer to show you the location of the boiler. Ask them if they have a boiler problem recently, if there is any change in the heating system, if the system has been emptied and if the radiator has been replaced. This will let you know what you are looking for.

Now, the service of the boiler.

First, we visually inspect the boiler.

1 Check that the boiler is properly installed and in compliance with current regulations.

2 Is the pipe connected to the boiler correctly and safely?

3 Check the boiler for damage that may affect its operation.

4 Make sure that the dimensions are appropriate if ventilation is required.

5 Check for signs of water leakage in the boiler.

6 Look for previous repairs.

7 Make sure the properties of the boiler are the correct size.

8 Run the boiler in heating and hot water mode before starting maintenance.

By operating the boiler, this proves that hot water and heating are working during maintenance.

Some careful customers try to say that the boiler is working before you provide the service, which is not the case.

This check allows you to confirm that the boiler is working properly.

Check the gas meter now

Check the location of the gas meter, conduct a risk assessment and ensure that everything is in compliance with current regulations. Is the emergency control valve equipped with a handle to isolate the gas and ensure safety in the event of a situation? Verify that the equipotential protective ground connection is connected to the gas meter output and is the correct size.

Check for gas leaks

Pass the test to verify that the emergency control valve does not allow gas to enter when it is closed. The air tightness test is now carried out at the specified time. When finished, print the results and attach them to the boiler’s service certificate.


Some brands of boilers have a fault memory that can be checked. Typically, they store up to 10 defects. This will tell you what happened and what needs to be monitored. Check the gas operation and operating pressure to ensure they are within limits. Isolation of the boiler’s power supply when checking that the installed fuse size is correct. According to the make and model, follow the instructions in the boiler manual for boiler maintenance. If you don’t have access to the boiler manual, you can download a copy of the Internet by searching for the desired make and model and downloading it. Re-open the boiler, check the hot water again and continue to run with heating. Now let’s go to the gas rate, so check to make sure the boiler has enough gas. There are many applications that can help you achieve gas rates. We are currently conducting another instrument leak test to ensure there is no gas leak.