Amazon affiliate sites for sale- How to sell in affiliation with Amazon?

Hello, welcome to this new article, today we will focus on the affiliation with Amazon. This is one of the great ways that will allow you to make money on the internet .I will give you the main steps to register on the platform, sell products in the theme of your choice and then recover commissions.Here we go.

Amazon affiliate sites for sale

Depending on the different products, the margins will be very different on Amazon. It will be exactly the same for your affiliate commissions. In short, the most interesting products are often digital products (e-books, PDF, audio) since they do not require additional manufacturing costs.However, I do not advise you to get started on this platform just for the money. It is long enough to set up a niche site that will make you live.It will take some passion to do it. If you hate vacuum cleaners and decide to start a site on the subject, I doubt that you are motivated enough to earn a significant income.This is one of many examples, but I think it’s important to consider before you get started. We have a DIY service of premade ready to use Amazon affiliate sites for sale Amazon affiliate sites for sale- How it works ?

The operation of the affiliation with Amazon is very simple. You will need to register on the Amazon partner platform. No worries, I’ll show you how to do it at the end of the article.Once registered, you will only have to look for different products you want to promote. You will have a link that will be generated automatically. If a visitor clicks on it and buys the product, you will earn a commission of a certain percentage.

Amazon affiliate sites for sale- How much does it cost?

That’s the question you’re definitely asking yourself. Yes, the goal is to make money. So how much is this Amazon Partner Program ? The commissions will vary as a rule from 5 to 10%.

What is very interesting is the following. Stay well attentive. When a person goes through your link, a cookie will store your affiliate link for 24 hours on your visitor’s web browser. If he buys x products via this link you will earn a commission on the entire basket. This is on condition that he does it within 24 hours.This is rather interesting, because often Amazon offers complementary products after an addition to the basket. You will enjoy this powerful technique to your advantage. Amazon affiliate sites for sale- How to register on the Amazon Partner Program?In fact, there is nothing simpler. I invite you to enter in your search engine the following query: “Amazon Partner”. Once done, you can click on the first option. Choose: “Register for free”. Yes, if you asked the question, it’s totally free. The small (or big) disadvantage is that you can get fired from the program overnight without any notice. As a precaution, I advise you to make this platform the main source of income that will allow you to live. You might end up on straw overnight.Then you will either have the option to create an Amazon account or register with an existing account. I still invite you to choose another account to differentiate your pro account and your personal account.Then you will have different information to fill such as the name of your different websites, your personal info, the main theme, etc.Once done, you’ll just have to validate and you’ll end up on the Amazon Partner Dashboard. Amazon affiliate sites for sale- How to find products. There are two methods to find your affiliate selling products. The first method is to come to the Amazon site as a lambda user and you do your research. You will then only have to copy and paste the title of your article in the bar below this text: “Search and create links for all products. You can also create short links. ” The other technique is to simply enter a keyword in this search bar and find the product of your choice. The product found, you can click on the link get a link. There you will have the choice between text and image, text only, image only or adding it to the widget. In general, I do not use any of these methods. Instead of clicking on “get link”, I click on the little down arrow on the right of the button. I then select the pop-up that opens: Abbreviate URL with In this way, you will have a much cleaner shortcut link for your visitors. This applies especially if you put this link under one of your YouTube videos. mazon affiliate sites for sale- Where to promote your affiliate links. recommend you here to use the major platforms like blogs or YouTube. Why ? For the simple reason that you will encourage your visitor to click on these links and especially give him a good reason to do so.If you put a link like that with nothing to do with the subject, then you will decrease your chances. The idea would be to make a test product to boast of the qualities. You will increase your sales opportunities. That’s what plenty of youtubers do.When you are unpacking a product, the link in the description is very often an affiliate link. Myself, when doing articles on particular trainers or tools, I place affiliate links. You can also offer these different products by answering questions about forum posts, YouTube channel, etc. I invite you here not to fall into the trap of swinging your links everywhere. Try as much as you can to answer a specific question to help the other person. This is how you will be able to sell in affiliation with Amazon. If this is not the most interesting platform, it does not prevent that you will be able without any problem to gain your first euros thanks to this technique.